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Our love is so separated by whales [userpic]
Fullmetal Alchemist, Yami no Matsuei, Saiyuki, TPM
by Our love is so separated by whales (isolabela)
at January 9th, 2007 (06:10 pm)

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Clearly FMA is my new favorite fandom, and RoyxEd is my new OTP, only for once I'm not just reading my OTP right off the bat! I'm so proud of myself. ^^; I've also dabbled in a couple other anime fandoms and pulled a couple recs for them.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Any Other Way by furiouscupofcat
Summary: Loving Edward Elric hurt.
I love this look at Roy and his relationship with Ed. It's fabulous and angsty and sweet and lovely.

Cats and Dogs by runefallstar
PG for language
Summary: Roy and Ed get caught in the rain.
This is just so damn cute. I adore it.

Cohabitation by harukami
Summary: Post-series spoilers; Ed comes back after 10 years.
Fluffy and wonderful. Harukami is amazing. Seriously, just go read all of her stuff.

Contractual Obligations by reddwarfer
Warnings: Cross-dressing
Summary: Al's grin widened. "Oh, remember about five years ago? There was a bet, a lot of alcohol, a game of chess, and a signed contract or two."
Now, crossdressing isn't really one of my kinks, but dude this fic might just have converted me.

Dogpile by Chauni
Pure smut, kinda kinky, really hot.

Easy Like Summer Morning by sutlers
Summary: There's a certain point when you just become helpless against the force of it.

Hold the Cherry by Cryogenia
Warnings: Incest, food!sex, light bondage
This is so smutty and wonderful and holyfuck Ed and Al are hot together. Roy/Ed/Al is fast becoming one of my favorite threesomes, and this fic here really explains why.

Housewarming by Harukami and White Cat
Roy x Ed
Summary: "You look stupid," Ed informed Roy in no uncertain terms, wrinkling his nose at Roy's suit.

If You Won't by acquisition
R for language and dark imagery
Summary: Ed faces his needs.
This is so beautiful. A wee bit angsty, but Roy and Ed are so wonderfully IC. The image of Ed clutching Roy just melts me. Wonderful piece.

Morning After and it's companion piece Lack of Indifference by dragonimp
Summary: Fuck, had that bastard planned this? But if he had, why hadn't he taken full advantage?

Need and Break by gentian_penemue
Summary: Ed and Roy's thoughts on an encounter.
It's short and it packs a punch.

Orbit by crazy_toffee
Summary: "what if Ed was the one to cheat on Roy for a change, and their roles were reversed?"
This is a really fantastic piece, a nice reversal of roles, but at the same time entirely, painfully in character.

Pieces by wicked_pistil*
Author gives it NC-17, but I'd call it R.
Summary: "Kneeling between those quivering thighs, what he thought about, strangely enough, was his mother."

Pride Goeth by mikkeneko
Warnings: Slavefic, noncon
Summary: Roy breaks in a new pet.
It's slavefic and it's a ligitimitely good fic. I was shocked to find good slavefic in this fandom. I think this is the reason I stuck to the fandom--the fact that good slavefic is possible. Way to go, FMA fandom.

Rat's Alley by hansbekhart
Summary: Roy and Ed, in an alleyway.
Wow. This is a hot and dark and complex ficlet. Makes you yearn for a sequel--not because it seems unfinished, because it definitely wraps up perfectly--but because damn.

The Rust Within Their Souls by anax*
Warnings: Dark!fic, noncon-ish, angst like woah
Summary: Ed hates coming home from missions.
Holy god this is angsty and wonderfully dark. I love the ambiguity of Roy's motivations and Ed's inability to just fucking say no. There's no happy ending here.

Sensory by kytyngurl2*
Summary: Roy has an enjoyable morning.
Short, sweet, and porning with a nice exploration of the senses.

Sick Leave by tir_synni
RoyxEd with some LingxEd
Summary: Mangaverse. Al's restored, Roy's Fuhrer, Ed's out-grown his automail.
Angst ahoy! Beautifully written, and Roy's characterization is fascinating. I love the allusions to past incidents and the way the story unfolds. Left as a TBC, but I wouldn't let that stop you from reading it.

That Word by kytyngurl2
Summary: There were some words Ed hated, and some he didn't think he needed to use.
Fluffy! A wee bit of angst, as well, but for the most part this little ficlet is adorably fluffy.

Warfic series the_quagga
R for violence and disturbing war imagery
Summary: Roy, Ed, war.
This is a fascinating look into Ed's mind as he struggles through war. The slash takes a backseat to the development of Ed's psychoticness, and for once I'm not sad about the lack of sex.

When the Hawk's Away by tir_synni
NC-17 for pure smut
Summary: Havoc realizes how difficult it really is to get Roy to work
Oh my god this is hot. This is part of tir_synni's Slut!Ed-verse and it's my personal favorite, but definitely check out the rest of it. Sofuckinghot.

Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget byrainjoyous and it's sequels Papa Was a Rodeo, Boa Constrictor, and If You Don't Cry.
Warnings: Mpreg (YES I KNOW), angst
Summary: Ed gets pregnant, angst ensues.
DONT SAY NO JUST YET. Yes, I know it's mpreg and that's weird and believe me I hate mpreg but THIS IS REALLY GOOD. Disturbingly plausible for the FMAverse so just GO READ.

Völuspá by anax*
Ed/Roy, Lust/Roy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Roy is fighting a war, Ed's not dead, and Lust's not human.
Painful and beautifully written. I know there's quite a few Lust!Ed fics out there, but this one is just gorgeous and unique.

One may consider this a fandom duh for the RoyxEd pairing, but no FMA rec list would be complete without sky_dark's Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher and it's sequel Better Living Through Alchemy. It is THE epic fic of the pairing and it has something for everyone--romance, angst, humor, plot. Check out sky_dark's archive and read this fic. It's just so awesome. (NC-17, also contains Al/Hawkeye, Havoc/OFC)

Okay, velvet_mace is a amazing. Here's my favorites of hers, but really? Just read everything, even pairings you normally wouldn't read. She really has a grasp on the fandom and the characters and also possesses an incredible talent to tell a story.

A Costume and a Date
Summary: WAFF, title says it all.
Adorable fic, really.

Echoes of the Dead
WARNING: Consensually iffy, Toys.
Summary: Manga-verse; Hohenheim is jealous and wants his boys for himself.
Holy shit this is sick. And hot. I'm going to hell because I loved this.

Gifts Cycle
Greed!RoyxRoy, Greed!RoyxEd, RoyxEd
Warnings: Dark!fic, non-con, allusions to torture, and did I mention dark?
Summary: Greed brings Roy gifts.
Not for the faint of heart, people. Not so much that it's graphic (though it is), but because of the content. It's beautiful.

Roy/Ed, Al/Winry
Summary: AU; Roy's in prison, the military is taking over, and Ed's just pissed.
I love almost everything velvet_mace has written. This is one of her lighter fics, but it's still awesome and entirely compelling. A great piece.

Assumptions Unlimited by Sleeps with Coyotes**
Sanzo/Goku, implied Hakkai/Gojyo
Summary: Goku loses his limiter. Again. Heh.
Hilarious. It's Coyo, so you must read it, plus it's just awesome.

Hungry by wordsofastory
Summary: "I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, / hunting for you."
Apparently I have a weakness for fics that explore the senses because I rec them a lot. But when they're done so well, like this one here, it's hard not to.

Yami no Matsuei
Clean Kill by Hth
R for imagry
Summary: Hisoka thinks.
I really like this take on Hisoka and how conflicted he is. Lovely piece.

Ashes by Katbear
Rating: NC-17
Summary: How long can a fire burn?
I have a special love for fic that explores how Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's relationship might have panned out had Qui-Gon survived Naboo. This one is gut wrenching. I love it.

The Chosen Ones by Laura McEwan
Warning: Dubious consent
Qui-Gon insists and Obi-Wan submits.

Only Remember Me by Mac
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After crashing on a primitive world, Qui-Gon suffers from memory loss and Obi-Wan is taken as a slave.
Yup, slavefic with an interesting perpsective.

The Shield of the Jedi by Emma Woodhouse
WARNINGS: noncon, chan (15)
Summary:Darth Sidious' nefarious plan did not begin with the blockade of Naboo. Here are some earlier machinations. When the Master is in danger, the brave young Apprentice must come to his aid.


Posted by: mikkeneko (mikkeneko)
Posted at: February 4th, 2007 11:20 pm (UTC)
turning hisoka

Hey, thanks for the recs. I don't see enough good Hisoka/Tsuzuki fics out there -- somehow!

Posted by: Our love is so separated by whales (isolabela)
Posted at: February 5th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC)
FMA - RoyxEd

I adore Hisoka/Tsuzuki and for some reason it seems fandom doesn't. It makes me sad and even more determined to track down good fic. ^_^

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