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Fanfiction Recs for All

The study of homo, cubed!

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Homology Cubed is a multi-fandom reccing community. We rec great fics from all fandoms because great writing should be recognized, regardless of fandom.

Homology is very slash-heavy, and though we tend to go through fandom-monogamous phases, you can find fics of any rating, any fandom if you dig. Check out the memories and/or the tags for the community to find the fandom of your choice.

Note: This community recs a heavy amount of R and NC-17 rated fanfiction. If you're underage, don't read it.

Currently, only isolabela and free_method are permitted to post recs, but there are only two of us, and we know there are things out there that we miss. So, if you come across a well-written fic and think it should be recced, feel free to email the fic to us with your thoughts on it at homology.cubed@gmail.com.