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Our love is so separated by whales [userpic]
Naruto recs
by Our love is so separated by whales (isolabela)
at December 30th, 2007 (09:13 pm)

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I've had 59 recs sitting here for aaaages. Finally getting around to posting them, yay! For now, I'm just doing the Naruto recs; expect another post of about 30 fics from various fandoms soon!

I fought against this fandom so hard. *sigh* I tend towards the angsty pairings (big surprise) but have, surprisingly, failed to fall for the Kakashi/Iruka, which really baffles me since Kakashi is LOVE. Ah well, here we go!

Sleep Habit by des_butterfly
Summary/Quote: Uchiha Sasuke does not cuddle, and those who say otherwise are a bunch of lying liars.

So cute! I seriously just want to pet her Sasuke. Poor thing.

Anbure, Start, and Legacy by Kes
Summary/Quote:Sasuke has a son.

Not something I'd normally read, but wow. This is an awesome verse. The first two pieces I found more compelling than the third, which I found a little disappointing, but well worth the read.

Avoiding the Issue by Sadie Dragonfire
Summary/Quote: In which Sasuke has issues and no body else is surprised. Except maybe Naruto.

So cute! Poor Sasuke.

Choosing Who by gelfling8604
Summary/Quote: Future AU fic. Sasuke kidnapped Naruto when the Konoha ANBU team was passing through the edge of the forest around Otogakure. Suppressing of your longing will never lead to anything good. Evil Sasuke.

Ohsodark. Explores how fucked up Sasuke really is.

Zipper Sex by des_butterfly
Summary/Quote: “This was such a stupid idea.”

Hilarious. I'm usually not one for humor mixed with my sex--be cute and fluffy or rip my soul out, kthx--but this one got me. ^^;

Hush by des_butterfly
Summary/Quote: Sasuke can touch Naruto, but only if he follows the rules.

Weirdly perfect for how Sasuke could act during sex with Naruto.

Hot Sex and Pest Control by sintari
Summary/Quote: Falling in love is the easiest thing in the world. Staying in love is another thing altogether.

Very cute and totally representative how what their relationship would be like outside the bedroom.

Saki-chan fanfic
NC-17, crossdressing
Read the original by askerian, Lace and Strawberries. You wont regret it, I promise. There's a reason tons of people borrowed the 'verse, and really, it's just so damn hot.

Tangled up in Lace by crazy_toffee
NC-17, crossdressing
Summary/Quote: Years after going over to Orochimaru, and years after that fatal mission where he first became ‘Saki’, Sasuke has returned to Konoha and finds himself confronting Naruto – and his past- once more.Two men try to come to terms with what they chose and what they really wanted.

One of the fics based off of the Saki-chan verse, and the best of them all. This is, quite possibly, the best characterization of Sasuke I've ever read. This is one of my all time favorite Naruto fics, so I beg you to read it. Seriously, even if you don't do the whole crossdressing thing because it's more than just a pretty boy in a dress.

Favorite Sin by sarolynne
Summary/Quote: Neji tasted like the red wine they'd been drinking, sharp with tannins.

Insanely hot porn. This is one I can reread dozens of times and still completely love it.

And Something Like Human by sarolynne
Summary/Quote: Neji can’t go home after a kill. It’s wrong somehow--like he still has blood on his hands, even after he’s washed them clean.

I don't think there's anything hotter than these two, seriously.

Ripe by hitokiri
Neji/Sasuke, Kakashi+Sasuke
Summary/Quote:Kakashi learns (the hard way) he has to cope with his students growing up.

Two of my favorite pairings smashed together!

Flood by des_butterfly
Summary/Quote: Naruto liked to watch Neji in the rain.

Beautiful piece.

Points of Authority by des_butterfly
Summary/Quote: In which Sasuke is a pissy uke and Shikamaru decides not to be so lazy for once.

How can I resist this pairing? Especially when it's done so well!

This Future Place by Sadie Dragonfire
Summary/Quote: Neji grimaced and gripped his shoulder, digging in with his fingers to try and ease the sudden spasm of pain. He hadn’t realized he’d strained it so badly.

This is the fic that made me fall madly in love with this pairing. It's so cute!

Bonds of Blood by sintari
Itachi/Sasuke, Naruto/Sasuke
NC-17, incest, bloodplay, death
Summary/Quote: After I returned to Konoha they thrust us all together again.

Creepy, haunting, and twisted.

And After by luc_y7
Kakashi/Sasuke, Itachi/Sasuke
NC-17, shota
Summary/Quote: And, in the aftermath, Sasuke is left a very needy, empty monster.

I love Sasuke in this, how he's so damn manipulative and Kakashi, though aware of it, is still unable to resist.

Six Days by des_butterfly
Summary/Quote: 6 days, 15 hours, and 21 minutes until the date of his execution. Sasuke awaits his death with peaceful resignation until Kakashi shows up to mess with his tranquility.

Beautiful piece and fantastic insight into Sasuke's mind.

Stray Stray 2 by reimars
NC-17, AU
Summary/Quote: It was asking for trouble from the beginning. The way he'd found the kid was enough to make that obvious.

A great AU with Kakashi as a contract killer and Sasuke as a troubled kid that keeps intruding into his life. The characters are translated really well.

Beginning and End by crazy_toffee
Summary/Quote: Post-time-skip, of sorts. Kakashi finds himself charged with Sasuke’s guardianship again, while Sasuke discovers how many things he’s lost, and how many he can still recover … What little is there that can still be won?

Ditching Tradition by snarkylightning
Summary/Quote: Sasuke glanced down at his wristwatch and back up at the door to Hatake Kakashi's office. It was closed and the lights were off.

I'm a sucker for a good Alternate Reality fic, it's true, and I love this one and how heartbreaking it is in a totally sensible way.

Laundry by gelfling8604
Summary/Quote: Pretend Sasuke never made it to Orochimaru's, and was instead caught and put in Kakashi's overly-sensible and not very sympathetic charge. Kakashi hadn’t been thrilled, but there was very, very little that thrilled Kakashi

A very interesting take on this scenario.

Downhill by hitokiri
Summary/Quote: Kakashi imagined when he would turn thirty, he’d be living in a bigger home with some sort of a domestic partner (male or female), possibly expecting children, and on the cusp of early retirement.

The Bath House by ftm_boi
Summary/Quote: "The Bath House" was a place that few people in Konoha knew of, and even fewer frequented.

Anonymous!Sex is always fun. One of my few forays into KakaIru, but quite fun.

The Paths Water Travels by harukami*
Summary/Quote:Zabuza first met Haku in early winter one year. Arrogant and proud, the entire world spiralling away beneath his feet, he stopped and stared down at the kid.

I have to fight myself so hard not to just rec everything harukami writes. Every fandom I fall into, there's harukami with awesome fic.

Works Well by gelfling8604
Summary/Quote: Post the Bridge-Arc, as if no one had died and Haku had lived to become a teenager, along with everything else that that means.