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Our love is so separated by whales [userpic]
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by Our love is so separated by whales (isolabela)
at June 6th, 2007 (12:28 pm)

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Some new fandoms as well as some favorites!


Zero Tolerance by mousapelli*
Natsuo/Youji/Kio; NC-17
Summary: Zero distracts Kio from the fact that Soubi is off servicing a grade schooler with Ritsuka.
HOT. And so IC for Zero. Poor Kio doesn't stand a chance.

Delayed Gratification by wicked_pistil*
Ritsu/Soubi, Seimei/Soubi, Kio/Soubi; NC-17
Summary: Soubi thinks about his sexual encounters.
Beautiful insight to Soubi and how his relationships have shaped him. Heavy on the angst and definitely doesn't give you the cliched ending you want.

Do Thy Bidding by enchanter
Seimei/Soubi, PG-13
Summary: Beloved in battle.
This is so twisted and dark. I'm a sucker for the Beloved pairing, or rather, for Seimei. He's so screwed up and I love it.

Fade to Zero by chaineddove
Natsuo/Youji, PG
Summary: Zero grows up. Sort of.
This is so cute in its own twisted sort of way that comes with the Zero boys. It really conveys the sense of oneness that is so important to the Zero team beautifully.

Flurry by presencedear
Soubi/Ritsuka, NC-17
Warnings: shota
Summary: Ritsuka loses his ears.
Yes, I know it's a common scenario, but I love Ritsuka's introspection and the fact that Soubi's devotion isn't quite so manic. It's love.

Just So Long and Long Enough by mousapelli*
Soubi/Ritsuka, PG-13
Summary: In which Ritsuka does not ask Soubi to take his ears, much to fandom's disappointment, but most other things are fair game.
Lovely little piece that reconciles Soubi's attatchment to Seimei and Ritsuka.

Slow Like Honey by mousapelli*
Seimei/Soubi/Ritsuka; NC-17
Warnings: Shota, incest
Summary: "Is this a favorite dream of yours, Sou-chan?"
I'm a sucker for threesome incest fic, what can I say? If you're irked by the shota, there aren't really any references to it, so you could read it as Ritsuka as 16 or so.

Untitled by wicked_pistil*
Soubi/Ritsuka, NC-17
Summary: You know those cute little ears on Ritsuka's head? They're outta here!
Ohsohot sex. Ohsohot. *melts*

Fullmetal Alchemist
Noesis by devils_devotion
Roy/Ed, R
Summary: He had dated an alchemist once. It had been an exhilarating vortex of dispute and complexity.
I love Ed in this, his complete fascination and devotion to science and study. Such a wonderful take on Ed.

Tango For Three by rainjoyous*
Roy/Ed, Roy/OFC, PG-13
Summary: Roy's marriage v. Ed.
Really fantastic writing, here, and an OFC that is believable, both as Roy's wife and as narrator, which can and is difficult to pull off.

Padam Padam also by rainjoyous*
Alt!Roy/Ed, NC-17
Summary: Art, wine, and other new experiences for Edward Elric.
I love this fic. I'm fascinated by the often toyed with scenario of Ed meeting an alternate Roy, but this is only fic that I've really believed the scenario. Ed is so perfectly Ed in this and Roy is beautiful and flawed. It's one of those fics I just keep rereading.

Also, updates for the mpreg-verse that rainjoyous has been working on can be found here. There have been several since I recced it January.

Hikaru No Go

The Sordid Truth by harukami
Akira/Hikaru, PG-13
Summary: "Shindou!" Touya Akira sounded absolutely mortified. "You can't mean that."
Slightly cracky and fun. Definitely made me giggle.

When he Sees It by thehoyden
Akira/Hikaru, NC-17
Summary: ""Nah," Hikaru says, running one finger along the smooth line of Touya's jaw, tilting it towards him. "I know beauty when I see it.""
So cute! So how they'd do it, too. These boy? completely oblivious to everything except Go. I adore them so.


If and the sequel And by Sleeps with Coyotes*
Sanzo/Goku/Nataku; NC-17
Summary: My friends came back from India, and all I got was this lousy Sanzo.
I adore Nataku, and I love Coyo's take on him in this fic. There is a serious lack of Nataku!fic in this fandom and it boggles my brain. But I love and adore this fic and I would be able to die happy if this was how the series ended.

Soap by myhandwentblind
Jien/Gojyo, NC-17
Warnings: Incest, shota-ish
Summary: Gojyo indulges in some self-pleasure and remembers
HOLY SHIT. This is hot. Wow. And a little twisted, but a lot of hot.

Promises Unbroken by springgreen
gen, PG
Summary: Sometimes it takes five hundred and one years to keep a promise.
Excerpt: "He hasn't seen Konzen since yesterday. He's been away from Konzen before, but those times, he knew Konzen was coming back. Ten-chan and Ken-niichan are also not there. Nataku is gone too, and he's scared now that Konzen and Ten-chan and Ken-niichan have left like Nataku, even though they all promised him they wouldn't."
Really beautiful, made me sniffle.

Princess Princess

The Princess's Playbook by lynnmonster
Yuujirou/Tooru, Hard R
Summary: Yuujirou figures some things out about Tooru.
A super cute fic from a super cute fandom! A sadly small fandom, though. I've spent the last month snooping for fic and have so far had little success. I keep holding out hope for a secret niche of the internet that writes oodles of fic for this fandom.

Harry Potter

Monosyllables by cmere
Sirius/Regulus, NC-17
Warnings: Incest
Summary: Yeah is pretty much all Regulus can say to Sirius these days.
NYAH. I have a secret dark love for this pairing. It's a little (or rather, a lot) fucked up and Beth's take on the pairing here is wonderful.

Keeping Company by celandineb
James, Lily/Sirius; NC-17
Warnings: Voyeurism
Summary: James puts his Invisibility Cloak to a most gratifying use.
HOT. The mere idea of a Sirius/Lily/James threesome makes me giddy.